Wheelchair Lifts – Through floor Lifts

A through floor lift (or vertical lift/residential vertical platform lift) is a great solution in situations where the staircase is not suitable for a stairlift or when someone needs to stay in their wheelchair. Cleverly designed, they take up as little space as necessary and disappear when not needed. 
Through floor lifts are designed for people with restricted mobility or use a wheelchair, installing a lift will allow it’s user to move freely around the different floors in a building. These are an ideal solution for many types of buildings and are a great way to get a lift in your home.


The Benefits of Through Floor Lifts

Wheelchair lifts - through floor lifts provide access all areas across two floors, meaning that, all the family and visitors can benefit from them too. The lift can be discreetly designed.


Discrete and visually appealing design  

At Ascendit we make sure our through floor lifts are designed correctly but also so they look as visually appealing and discrete as possible, making sure they do not ruin the design of your home.  You are also able to customise the through floor lift to suit your own aesthetic. Being able to choose the type of glass and the colour of the outside can make a huge difference to the way a through floor lift looks.


Stress-free Installation

Here at Ascendit, we provide a stress-free installation process for all out through floor lifts. We aim to make you and your household feel comfortable through the whole installation process, making sure you can get on with your day-to-day life.   


Through Floor Wheelchair Lift Quote

Through floor lifts - are you needing a quote for wheelchair lifts London? We always produce a computerised scaled drawing with the residential wheelchair lifts quotation, so you can visualise the lift in your own home. We can also offer reconditioned and rental through floor lifts; please ask the surveyor for a quote. Our team at Ascendit will always keep your best interest in mind if you're looking for a wheelchair lift in London or surrouding area. If you need more information please get in contact or give us a call and we'll happily address any questions/concerns you may have.