Ceiling Track Hoists

A ceiling track hoist is a hoisted system, that can either be hung from the ceiling itself, hung from wall to wall, or even inserted into the ceiling itself for a tidier looking system. For an easier transition between getting from the wheelchair to places such as the bed or bath, then these ceiling track hoists will be a great helping hand for both the patients and their careers.

What are the benefits of a ceiling track hoist

Ceiling track hoists are ideal for users to get from A to B as easily and quickly as possible. Since the hoist is on the ceiling it takes up no floor space, making it a great solution if you already have minimal available floor space. There will be no issues of bumping into furniture or getting caught amongst items on the floor.

A hoist is fitted to a ceiling track and a sling is attached to it. This will then go beneath and around the patient, enabling the patient to be gently lifted by the hoist. Gliding across the tracks to be placed where the desired position be, whether that be in bed, in the bath or on a sofa, it can be anywhere which has enough room and ceiling support.

Man in Ceiling Hoist

Ceiling Track Hoist installation

Our Fully trained engineers are able to install a ceiling track hoist system in your home. We will always carry out a risk assessment, on every installation, we carry out. The engineers will look at your ceiling, wall and floor structure to determine the best way that the hoist will be mounted. The engineers will also speak with the client and the carer to understand the areas where the ceiling track hoist will be needed the most. The toilet, bed and bath are some of the most common lifting points. It is important to keep your ceiling track hoist maintained if you have a valid maintenance contract we offer a 24 hour, 365 days a year breakdown service to help in case you are having problems with your ceiling track hoist.

Ceiling Track Hoist Rental

We also offer reconditioned and rental hoists, if you would like more information on these, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with the surveyor for a quote.


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Ceiling track hoists offer an array of benefits, with flexible setups that can transform almost any point in a room - they are an excellent solution if you’re looking for long term hosting options. Similarly, the installation process itself is fairly simple and can be completed in just a couple of days (providing there is no complications along the way).


If you’re looking for a ceiling track hoist, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Ascendit for a quote on 0800 54 20 466. We supply a range of lift services and products designed to make your life that little bit easier, we also offer maintenance packages, giving you the peace of mind that your products are working efficiently.