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Here at Ascendit Lifts Limited we work closely with a wide range of clientele and install hundreds of domestic lifts every year. We work hard to serve the specific needs and specifications of each and every client. Ascendit are devoted to ensuring we deliver a product based on information given to us by our clients and their families about what will work exactly for them and benefit their lives the most substantially. We strive to make our customers lives easier by enabling you to live safely and comfortably in your home or place of residence. By creating a product that is so closely tailored to each individual customer we hope that we can deliver a service above that of our competitors.

Our clients range from private residents to charitable organisations, local authorities and occupational therapists. By working closely with a range of sectors we are able to understand what each sector wants from their stair lifts, enabling us to customise and adapt our product accordingly.

If you are a private client seeking installation of a lift in your home, we understand the commitment this can involve. Therefore, the Ascendit team are focussed on providing a sleek, efficient and unobtrusive service whilst we are in your residence. If you are within the medical sector of occupation therapy and work to help individuals who may struggle with daily activities lead more fulfilling and independent lives Ascendit is more than happy to assist you with this duty. For our larger, commercial clientele, Ascendit also have extensive knowledge working with charitable organisations, councils, and housing and care organisations.

Ascendit Lifts like to give our clients peace of mind knowing that your stairlift has been manufactured and installed by a respected company with a reputation for safety, reliability and innovation. If you would like to hear direct from our clients how they feel about our services, please visit our ‘Testimonials’ section of our website to read about the difference we have made to their lives.

Here at Ascendit, we understand that you may be faced with unexpected changes in your personal situation, or that of your loved ones that may affect the way in which you conduct daily life. If so, and you are interested in one of our services please do not hesitate to contact us today, we would be delighted to speak to you. Let us help you support you.

Private Clients
Occupational Therapists
Charitable Organisations
Housing Associations & Care Organisations

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