What Is A Through Floor Lift?


​Through Floor Lifts are a great solution for users who cannot easily access the stairs or when someone needs to ideally stay in their wheelchair. Although this access solution may seem like they take up a lot of space in your home environment - they actually don’t! In this post, we will be answering some frequently asked questions and you will find out everything you need to know about Through Floor Lifts!

What exactly is a Through Floor Lift or Wheelchair Lifts?

Nowadays there are so many great lifting platforms that you may be wondering which one will do the correct job you require! A Through Floor Lift is a great solution in situations where the staircase is not suitable for a stairlift or when someone needs to stay in their wheelchair. Through Floor Lifts are designed for people with restricted mobility or use a wheelchair, installing a lift will allow it’s user to move freely around the different floors in a building.

How is the trap door fitted?

In order for the lift to go between floors, a trap door is installed in the ceiling/floor which then automatically opens when the lift is travelling. When the lift is on the ground floor the gap to the ceiling can be covered by an infill that matches the ceiling of that particular room - the Through Floor Lift also blend in with any carpet in that room too!

Where will a Through Floor Lift be situated in my home?

This really depends on the layout of your property. However, one thing is certain… That it won’t create a ‘cluttered’ appearance to your home. At Ascendit we make sure our Through Floor Lifts are designed correctly but also so they look as visually appealing and discrete as possible, making sure they do not obstruct any features of your home.

What safety features do these Lifts have?

Through Floor Lifts have several safety features, some of these may include the following:

  1. Emergency lowering via a wind-down handle or a battery operated back-up system
  2. An alarm or telephone to call for help while in the cab
  3. An automatic door locking mechanism when the door shuts
  4. A smoke and fire detection monitors within the lift that will automatically take the car away from the fire and seal the ceiling aperture
  5. A lockable cab door, especially if there are young children in the household
  6. Sensors underneath the car to detect any objects that could possibly block its path

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