Straight Vs Curved Stairlift: All You Need to Know


​You’ve more than likely been living in your home for a long period of time and you love everything about it. You’re well and truly into your golden years and you’re now starting to face a few problems, with one of them being mobility. You’re now struggling to get up and down the stairs, which can be frustrating. You’re against the idea of downsizing or even moving into a bungalow, so how do you get around this issue of yours? A stairlift may be the answer you’ve been looking for!

Stairlifts are a simple yet efficient solution to this common problem. All you have to do is sit on the seat of the stairlift at the bottom of your stairs, or the top, and move freely up and down - reclaiming your independence back in the progress.

Stairlifts can be installed in a variety of homes and on a variety of staircases. Stairlifts typically come in two different types: straight or curved. Deciding which one is best for you is relatively simple!

Straight Stairlifts

When you’re looking at stairlifts for homes, the majority of them will be straight stairlifts. Straight stairlifts are the simplest form of stairlifts and are installed on staircases that are completely straight. They do exactly what you would expect - go up and down! If your stairlift is completely straight, then your best and most sensible option is to go for a straight stairlift.

Curved Stairlifts

Curved stairlifts are for stairlifts that are, you guessed it, curved! Stairlifts are incredibly flexible and varied and this means you have a number of options when it comes to being able to move around your home freely. Unlike straight stairlifts, the rails for curved stairlifts are fitted to the shape of your staircase.

How can Ascendit help?

Here at Ascendit, we’ve been installing and working with stairlifts for over 20 years. All of our stairlifts come with a number of options as standard. Including a footplate linked to the seat, armrest, carriage handle or powered push button for ease of folding up when not in use and a safety key switch to isolate the chair - so children aren’t able to play on it. Upgrade options are also available.

If you’re in need of a stairlift for your home, please reach out to us on 01293 785185 or freephone 0800 54 20 466. You can also visit our showroom, where we have a range of stairlifts and through floor lifts which you can use.

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