Facts About Through Floor Lifts


​Through floor lifts are a great solution for situations where a person needs to stay in there wheelchair and cannot gain access to upstairs through a stairlift. Carry on reading to find out some facts that you may not know about through floor lifts…

Things you may not know about through floor lifts…

They are highly customisable

Here at Ascendit, all our through floor lifts are customisable! You are able to choose the type of glass you want on the front of your through floor lift to suit the current surroundings. You can also choose the colour of the outside of the lift - which makes a huge difference to the way the through floor lift will look in your home.

They add value to your home

A home with a through floor lift can add so much value to your property. As you’re adding in an aspect that many people wouldn’t usually have in their home it adds a lot of value! It also adds value to your home life, as you’re no longer struggling to find a suitable solution.

Quick installation

The team at Ascendit provide a stress-free installation process for all our through floor lifts! We always ensure you’re comfortable in your home on the day of installation, making sure you can get on with your day to day life.

No stairway obstruction

One of the main benefits of a through floor lift, is that your staircase isn’t obstructed in your property. As through floor lifts don’t add anything to your current staircase then there is no obstruction in any way!

Key Safety Features…

It is important to always check what is included with your through floor lift, however many include the standard safety features below:

  • A system set in place for controlling the speed of the lift, also with an emergency stopping system
  • Emergency lowering via a wind-down handle or a battery operated/hydraulic back-up system, should there ever be a power failure in your home
  • An automatic door locking mechanism when the door shuts>
  • Sensors underneath the lift to detect any objects that could possibly block its path

Contact Ascendit today!

If you’re looking for a through floor lift, then don’t hesitate to contact Ascendit today! We cover a wide range of areas in the South of England and are always more than happy to help to help.

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