Adapting Your Forever Home For Elderly Life


​Your home should be looked upon as the one place that you feel most comfortable, safe and secure. It’s where you run to if you have had a particularly bad day; pop on your favourite pyjamas and settle down in front of the television or getting lost in a new novel. Or on the other hand if you’ve had a great day, you’re eager to run home and tell everyone about it! Your home should work for you - it should have everything that will assist you and make your life an easy and enjoyable one, rather than defect you, and especially as we get older one factor we may struggle with is our mobility. We have put together some handy top tips on how you can get your home prepared to last and ensure that the many years you will spend here are as blissful and content as can be.

Wheelchair Lifts

As reported by the NHS, there are currently 1.2 million wheelchair users in the UK. Here at Ascendit Lifts we can offer you a selection of Wheelchair Lifts that can be used both internally and externally in your home. We have the selection of Steplifts which create great access for wheelchair users for their gardens, and Through Floor Lifts that are designed to minimise space and can disappear when they are not needed to be in use. Installing a lift will allow it’s user to move freely around the different floors in a building.


Stairlifts and rise and recliner chairs are known to reduce the risks of falls which therefore improves the health and mobility of our elders as less pressure is on the body. But did you know that it also has great mental health benefits also as it restores a sense of independence and reduces anxiety knowing that your home is fully accessible to your needs. We can provide you with your very own straight or curved motorised seat to glide up and down the stairs with ease and comfort. We offer a variety of different stairlifts to accommodate your limitations and provide you with a happy solution to your worries or issues. Get in touch with us today and we would be more than happy to come out and surveyor your situation and discuss the best solution for you.

Adapting Your Bathroom

As we get older a common issue that we may encounter may be our accessibility into our once fully-functionable bathroom. Often enough it can become difficult to climb in and out of the bathtub, therefore a great alternative to this could be the application of hand rails to provide firm support and replacing your tub with a wet room style shower facility. This ultimately reduces the need of climbing over the side of the bathtub and allows you to walk in and out of the shower seamlessly.

Contact Us

If any of our lift services seem appealing to you to make the use of your access at home easier and more comfortable, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We also provide a maintenance support service in addition to designing and fitting your lift product. To discuss any of our lift products, maintenance services or general enquiries you may have, give us a call today on 01293 785185 or visit our website today, and we would be more than happy to assist.

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