A Guide To Getting A Wheelchair Lift For Your Home


​If you have been considering installing a wheelchair lift, then making sure you select the appropriate option for you and your home is essential. Installing a through floor lift is a great solution in situations where a staircase is not suitable for a stairlift, or if the individual is unable to vacate their wheelchair. Here at Ascendit Lifts, we have spent a number of years fine tuning our home lift services to create a well designed and functional product for our clients. Our wheelchair lift take up as little space as possible and are designed so that they can be hidden for a room when required. Our through floor lifts are designed with those in mind who have restricted mobility or use a wheelchair in their daily lives. Installing these lifts into your home could be a life changing adaptation to your environment and therefore, allow you or your family member to move freely around the home. If you are seeking wheelchair lifting platforms in London and the South East, then Ascendit is here to help!

Once you have made the commitment to install a wheelchair lift in your home you may be concerned about the installation process and how your day to day living will be affected during the process. Here at Ascendit, we like to ensure that our customers are always keep well informed during the installation process, therefore, we have put together a list of things you should know about getting a wheelchair lift installed in your home.

1. Time

How long do lifts take to install?

When installing a wheelchair lift in your home it may seem like a daunting project that will disrupt you home for a prolonged period. However, here at Ascendit we are committed to making our installation process as quick and efficient as possible to cause as little disruption in your home. That is why our through floor lifts typically take approximately 3 to 4 working days to install. Extra time should be allowed for any preparatory building work, including electrical and plumber works.

2. Additional Work

Who will carry out any building work?

If you do require additional work to be done on your property when installing your Ascendit wheelchair lift we will arrange and coordinate any additional preparatory building work. After doing so, we will work hard to install the lift as soon possible after the work has been completed.

3. Mess

Will there be a lot of mess during and after installation?

Installing a stairlift is not particularly messy, nevertheless all our engineers make a point of clearing up after their work to leave you home in top condition. However, when installing our Ascendit lifts we do not include redecoration services so if repainting or wallpapering is required after installation, you will have to cover such.

4. Cost

How much will my wheelchair lift cost?

If you are planning to purchase a wheelchair lift for you home and do not know what the cost of installing it would be then Ascendit is here to help. We are able to give you an almost instant quote for your lift in addition to a computerised scaled drawing so that you can visualise the lift in your own home before beginning the installation process. We also offer recondition and rental through floor lifts, so if this is more in keeping with your budget we can assist you accordingly.

5. Stress-Free

Will it be disruptive?

Ultimately, we aim to provide you with a stress-free installation process for all our through lifts. Our target is to make you and your household feel comfortable throughout the installation process and cause as little disruption to your daily life as possible. If you are interested in our wheelchair lifts please do not hesitate to contact us today to get a quotation for your home installation and one of our Ascendit team members would be more than happy to help you.

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