5 Helpful Tips To Care For Your Stairlift


​Now that you have your stairlift installed and fully fitted, it’s time to make sure it is maintained well and running smoothly! Here at Ascendit Lifts, we have some super handy tips to ensure that your stairlift gives you years of stress-free usage.

1. Stairlift Maintenance Programme

If you don’t already have a regular stairlift maintenance plan, then you should consider getting one ASAP! Here at Ascendit, we offer a stairlift maintenance and repairs plan. Our plan consists of a yearly check by one of our skilled maintenance professionals. Don’t forget, we work 365 days of the year 24/7 so if your stairlift unfortunately unexpectedly breaks we can be there to assist you. The reason it is important to have a regular stairlift maintenance plan is to prevent any serious problems that could occur later down the line.

2. Keep the stairlift track clear!

Before using your stairlift, it is always important to check the track is clear. Most stairlifts are now even fitted with special safety devices to that they stop or warn you if your stairlift may face an obstruction. However, smaller objects (like coins) could get stuck in the track without you or the stairlift noticing, causing major damage to the lift! This is why it is so important to check the track as frequently as you can.

Clean the track

On a side note, while you’re regularly checking the track you should always try and clean it as much as you can. Keeping the track clean and oiled will ensure a smooth ride every time.

3. Don’t exceed the maximum weight limit

Whilst it may seem tempting to transport your very heavy items up and down the stairs - this shouldn’t be the use of your stairlift! If the maximum weight limit of your stairlift is exceeded it may cause long-term damage.

4. General caring and cleaning your stairlift is a must

Keeping any moving components of the stairlift oiled is a crucial part of maintaining your stairlift. Cleaning any other part of the stairlight should be done carefully and following instructions from the day the stairlift was purchased is essential.

5. Recharging your stairlift

Keeping your stairlift fully charged will ensure you’re getting the most out of your newly installed stairlift. Once you’ve stepped off the stairlift just make sure that it is at the very end of either the top or the bottom of the track - ensuring it’ll stay charged when it’s not in use.

Here at Ascendit, we provide stairlifts, domestic lifts, steplifts, stairsteadys and much more! For more information take a look at our website or call us on 0800 54 20 466.

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