The Installation

How long do lifts take to install?

A straight stairlift can normally be installed in half a day. 

A curved stairlift takes about 5-6 hours. 

Through-floor lifts take approximately 3-4 working days (extra time should be allowed for any preparatory building work, including electrician and plumber if necessary).

Who will carry out any building work?

We will arrange and co-ordinate any additional preparatory building work and aim to install the lift as soon possible after the work has been completed.

What if I need a radiator to be moved? Or there isn't an electric socket near enough to the staircase?

Don’t worry, we will note all these matters during our on-site survey and they will be included in the preparatory work in our quotation.

Will there be a lot of mess during and after installation?

Installing a stairlift is not particularly messy, nevertheless all our engineers make a point of clearing up after their work. However, we don’t redecorate, so if we have to remove a handrail we will make good the holes in the wall but we will not repaint or wallpaper.

Can I have a stairlift if there is a doorway at the bottom of my stairs?

Manufacturers have overcome this problem by using a folding track or hinged rail. This means that the rail can fold up out of the way of the door when the stairlift is not in use, so there is no tripping hazard.