Problem Solving Guide

In the unlikely event that you may experience a problem with your stairlift, we’ve put together a simple guide. Please note that your stairlift will also come with a handy user guide which has a problem solving section which you might find helpful. If however you are in any doubt please call us free on 0800 54 20 466. We’re always here to help.

My stair lift is constantly beeping

This is a warning sound indicating that the stairlift's power supply isn't supplying enough power and will eventually stop working. Please check that your stairlift is parked in the correct position at the charging point (which is usually at the top or bottom of the stairs).

Also check that the wall switch and mains power switch is on or that there has not been a power cut. It may also be worth checking the fuse board to make sure that the switches have not tripped.

If you have a smoke alarm it may be worth checking that too!

Stairlift on/off switch, button or key

If your stairlift has stopped working, check to see if the on/off switch or button has inadvertently been turned “Off”. The location of this switch can depend on the model of the stairlift, but will usually be found on the stairlift chair arm, the stairlift carriage (the unit located under the seat) or on the wall unit.  Children and visitors can sometimes accidentally turn this switch or button off. If you have a key switch make sure that the key has not been removed from the barrel and is turned to the “On” position.

You may wish to immobilise the stairlift if children are visiting to stop it being damaged but please remember to turn it on again!

Switched fused spur

Check that the fused spur box hasn't been switched off accidentally or that it’s not hovering between the on/off locations. Some fused spurs have an additional neon red light showing if the electricity is getting to the unit. If the light is not on or the lift still isn’t working then the fuse may need changing. If you renew the fuse it is very important to ensure that it is replaced with the correct amp rating (please also refer to ‘my stairlift is constantly beeping’ information above).  If you are unsure please call us immediately, free on 0800 54 20 466.

Stairlift safety edges

If a safe edge is activated the lift will always go in the opposite direction to the activated edge so that the user can return to the floor they started from and / or move away from the obstruction to clear it. If the lift still does not move after the obstruction has been removed then you can reset the stairlift by gently pressing all of the edges to release them.