Maintenance Agreement

My lift is covered by a 12- 24 month warranty (depending on the manufacturer). What happens when the warranty expires?

All our lifts have a free warranty for the first year. We will write to you before this expires offering our annual maintenance contract. Our prices are competitive and depend on the type of lift you have. For more information please call us free on 0800 54 20 466.

How soon would you attend my lift if it broke down?

We try to get to you as soon as possible within the same day, certainly within 24 hours. Sometimes a lift may be switched off in error, so we will talk through some simple checks with you to try to get the lift going again immediately.

What about changing batteries - what do I have to do?

Stairlifts have two remote controls, one at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom which take ordinary batteries that need changing or recharging (if you use rechargeables) in the same way as your TV remote control. The remote control batteries will last about one year with average use.

The lift itself contains more powerful batteries that recharge themselves from the mains, and continue to power the lift in the event of a mains power failure. You shouldn’t touch these batteries - our qualified engineers will check these during the service.

If I have a power cut, will my stairlift stop working?

A stairlift is battery operated and charges up when it is parked (not in use) so if you have a power cut it will continue to operate for up to 10 trips (up and down) on battery power, until mains power is restored.