Help and Advice

What to consider when choosing a lift

  • Get several quotes from reputable companies.
  • Try to assess the reputation of the company - if it goes out of business, it will be expensive and inconvenient to find another company to take your lift on (many companies don't want to take on lifts installed by third parties).
  • Ask about accreditations and how much experience the company has installing your type of lift.
  • Ask about the back-up service provided for maintenance and breakdowns.
  • Try to get a feel for the company, are you comfortable dealing with them?
  • Take your time to make the right decision.

Getting advice from us

Our staff has a wealth of experience and information which they are happy to share. Calling us for advice creates no obligation to buy and we will not use your number for sales calls.

Help with costs


You may be eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) from your local council to help towards the cost of adapting your home to enable you to continue to live there. A grant is paid when the council considers that changes are necessary to meet your needs, and that the work is reasonable and practical.

The DirectGov website ( has lots of useful information about who can apply for a grant, what it can be used for and how much you can get. Alternatively, please contact your Local Authority.

Reconditioned and rental lift options

Reconditioned lifts



Reconditioned lifts are a cheaper option than buying new.





Renting a reconditioned lift is a useful option in certain situations, such as when the client may be moving shortly. Please call the office to discuss costs and options.